Table 4: Clinical features of the 21 infants with severe lower respiratory tract infection
Patient no.RegionAge, mo< 36 weeks' gestational ageUnderlying risk factor(s) for severe RSV infectionLength of hospital stay, dDuration of mechanical ventilation, dComplications during hospital stayInfectious agents identified
1Northwest Territories3-6YesNo5712Necrosis of lung necessitating pneumonectomy, bacterial sepsisRSV, rhinovirus/enterovirus
2Nunavut< 3NoNo2517Bacterial sepsisRSV, Bordetella pertussis
3Nunavut< 3NoNo329Required inotropesRSV, B. pertussis
4< 12NoNo11Bilateral necrotizing pneumonia, bacterial sepsis, acute renal failure; died during transportStaphylococcus aureus
5Nunavut< 3NoNo21-RSV
6Nunavut< 3NoNo51Required cardiopulmonary resuscitationNegative
8Nunavut< 3NoNo3130Required HFVORSV, adenovirus
9Nunavut< 3NoNo4116Required HFVORSV, rhinovirus/enterovirus
10Nunavut3-6YesYes21632Required HFVORSV, rhinovirus/enterovirus, influenza A (H1N1)
11Nunavut< 3YesNo143-Negative
12Nunavut< 3NoNo153-RSV
13Nunavut3-6YesYes154Required inotropesNegative
14Nunavut< 12YesNo170Chest tube, pneumothoraxNegative
15Nunavut< 3YesNo8629-Rhinovirus/enterovirus, human coronavirus OC43
16Nunavut< 12YesNo15631HFVO, bacterial sepsisRSV, adenovirus, S. aureus (blood)
17Nunavik< 3NoNo106-RSV, rhinovirus/enterovirus
18Nunavik< 3YesNo132-Rhinovirus/enterovirus
19Nunavik< 3NoNo2412-RSV
20Nunavik< 3NoNo258-RSV
21Nunavik< 3NoNo9618Bacterial sepsisInfluenza virus

Note: HFVO = high-frequency ventilation oscillation, RSV = respiratory syncytial virus.

*Includes preterm birth (< 36 weeks' gestational age), chronic lung disease, congenital heart disease, immunodeficiency, congenital or neurologic conditions affecting respiration.