Table 1: Program staffing and number of children receiving care at programs offering specialized pediatric palliative care in Canada in 2012
ProgramYear program startedNo. of patientsStaffing, FTE
Programs including free-standing hospice*
Canuck Place Children's Hospice/BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver19952501.5 MD, 2.4 APN, 2.4 SW, 1.0 BC
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario/Roger's House, Ottawa1999/2006†1702.0 MD, 1.0 APN, 1.0 RN, 0.8 SW
Alberta Children's Hospital/Rotary Flames House, Calgary2001/2009†973.4 MD, 0.8 APN 0.8 SW, 0.8 BC
Programs based at hospital
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto19863262.16 MD, 2.0 APN, 1.8 BC
Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, Québec20041101.2 MD, 0.4 RN, 0.2 Psy
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg2006971.0 MD, 1.0 APN
Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, Montréal1999670.5 MD, 2.0 APN, 0.8 Psy
IWK Health Centre, Halifax1995601.5 MD, 1.0 APN, 0.5 RN
Montréal Children's Hospital, Montréal1992570.9 MD, 0.5 APN
Stollery Children's Hospital, Edmonton1999541.05 MD, 0.8 RN, 0.8 BC
Children's Hospital London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario2008521.0 APN
Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon2011510.3 MD
Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec2004100.1 MD, 0.1 SW, 0.1 Psy
Total-140139.61 FTE

Note: APN = advanced practice nurse, BC = bereavement coordinator, FTE = full-time equivalent, MD = physician, Psy = psychologist, RN = registered nurse, SW = social worker.

*Only "core staff" are listed. Additional staff (e.g., nurses, personal support workers) provide front-line care when children are admitted to the hospice.

†Hospital-based program started before the hospice; therefore, both dates are included.