Table 2: Most common diagnoses and source countries for malaria species in 456 malaria cases diagnosed at CanTravNet sites, 2004-2014
DiagnosisTotal no. of malaria diagnoses in databaseNo. (%) of malaria diagnoses* in travellers presenting with feverThree most common source countries
Malaria456379 (83.1)
   Plasmodium falciparum282237 (84.0)Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast (includes severe malaria)
   Severe (complicated)2623 (88.5)
   Plasmodium vivax8577 (90.6)India, Pakistan, Guyana
   Species unknown3922 (56.4)Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone
   Plasmodium ovale2118 (85.7)Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon
   Plasmodium malariae32 (66.7)Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon

*Percentages are calculated using corresponding total number of diagnoses in database as denominator. A returned traveller could present with more than 1 chief complaint and have more than 1 diagnosis.