Table 4: Rate ratios comparing 1-year postoperative health services use among patients who received bariatric surgery in Ontario hospitals outside the Ontario Bariatric Network after versus before 2010
OutcomeRate ratio* (95% CI)
Hospital services1.07 (0.59 to 1.93)
    Emergency department visits0.70 (0.45 to 1.07)
    Days in hospital1.04 (0.55 to 1.99)
Days in ICU0.13 (0.02 to 1.14)
Ventilatory support0.13 (0.01 to 26.3)
Physician assessments4.74 (2.36 to 9.5)
Reoperations0.81 (0.13 to 5.00)

Note: CI = confidence interval, ICU = intensive care unit.

*Estimated using a negative binomial regression model adjusted for age, sex, household income quintile in neighbourhood of residence, rurality, type of bariatric surgery (gastric bypass v. other) and Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups comorbidity score.