Table 3: Encounter-adjusted Poisson regression of the recorded number of medications for depression by sex in patients with diagnoses of Parkinson disease and depression
Dependent variable*Sex
(male reference  = 1.00)
No. of encounters with a
 primary care provider
RR (95% CI)p valueRR (95% CI)p value
No. of medications1.08 (0.95-1.22)0.21.11 (1.06-1.16)< 0.001*

Note: 95% CI = confidence intervals (lower bound-upper bound), p value = probability value, RR = rate ratio.*Sex served as the main independent variable and number of encounters with a primary care provider in a 2-year period served as a covariate using a log-2 scale in the regression model.

†Significance defined as p < 0.05.