Table 2: Association between mechanism of injury leading to traumatic brain injury hospital admission and health regions (multinomial regression)*
mechanism of injury
Relative probability ratio (95% CI)
Assault1.20 (0.55-2.62)
All-terrain vehicle collision3.50 (1.88-6.52)
Snowmobile collision3.76 (0.89-15.89)
Assault11.01 (7.40-16.40)
All-terrain vehicle collision38.06 (24.93-51.79)
Snowmobile collision31.39 (17.07-57.72)
Assault8.70 (5.28-14.33)
All-terrain vehicle collision5.01 (2.66-9.42)
Snowmobile collision27.11 (12.98-56.59)

Note: CI = confidence interval.

*The referent population is the entire province of Quebec, and the referent mechanism of injury is falls. Multiple imputations were used for missing data on mechanisms of injury. Only significant differences in the relative probability ratios are shown. The model was adjusted for age and sex. A complete-case analysis regression output, which shows similar results, is shown in Appendix 3 (available at