Table 3: Effect of provider characteristics on rate of blood pressure screening
CharacteristicBivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
RR (95% CI)p valueRR (95% CI)p value
No. of visits caring for pediatric patients0.99 (0.99-1.00)0.041.00 (1.00-1.00)0.2
Female sex1.35 (1.04-1.75)0.021.41 (1.04-1.89)0.02
Age, yr0.98 (0.97-0.99)0.020.98 (0.97-1.00)0.09
Years since graduation0.99 (0.98-1.00)0.03--
Practice size0.99 (0.99-0.99)0.0021.00 (1.00-1.00)1
Proportion of practice aged 3-18 yr0.77 (0.11-5.15)0.8--

Notes: CI = confidence interval, RR = rate ratio. Practice size determined as number of enrolled patients in the practice. Poisson regression used to model the rate of BP screening; number of recorded BPs was used as outcome, number of patient years follow-up per provider was used as offset; n = 79 care providers. Age and years since graduation were highly correlated; therefore only age was included multivariate model. Only variables with p value < 0.05 in bivariate model were included in the multivariate model. Due to high correlation between age and years since graduation, we only included age in multivariate model.