Table 4: Pearson product-moment correlation of patient outcome scores at referral and immediately preoperatively with wait time for surgery
Outcome measureTime point; r
ReferralImmediately preoperatively
SF-36 PC score-0.021-0.05
SF-36 MC score0.233†0.192*
ODI score-0.197*0.223†
ZCQ score-0.0500.16*
Back pain score-0.1430.130
Leg pain score-0.180*0.207*

Note: MC = mental component, ODI = Oswestry Disability Index, PC = physical component, SF-36 = 36-item Short-Form Health Survey, ZCQ = symptom severity scale of the Zurich Claudication Questionnaire.

*p < 0.05.

p < 0.01.