Table 1: Base-case model variables and ranges
VariableValue (95% CI)*
Fixed data elements
Diabetic population in study setting1310 354 patients
Eye examination rate with current practice (in-person examination)280.511
Volume increase of screening compliance after pharmacy-based TO implemented, %810
Variable data elements
Prevalence of any diabetic retinopathy in Canada29,300.225 
(range 0.169-0.281)
Screening intervention (TO) variables
   Proportion of patients who prefer TO for screening310.40 
(0.50; 0.60; 0.70)
   Proportion of patients examined with TO†310.225
(range 0.169-0.281)
   Sensitivity320.84 (0.76-0.91)
   Specificity320.94 (0.90-0.97)
   Proportion of examinations with pupil dilation330.337 (0.25-0.47)
   Proportion of unreadable images with pupil dilation320.054 (0.033-0.076)
   Proportion of unreadable images without pupil dilation320.287 (0.139-0.435)
Current practice (in-person examination) variables
   Proportion of patients examined with current practice after introduction of TO†310.337
(range 0.253-0.421)
   Sensitivity340.75 (0.67-0.83)
   Specificity340.82 (0.79-0.86)

Note: CI = confidence interval, TO = teleophthalmology.

*95% CI unless stated otherwise. Range or 95% CI interval used for deterministic sensitivity analysis.

†Based on published data estimates about proportion of patients screened after introduction of TO and patient preference regarding screening with TO.