Table 1: Validity of the International Classification of Diseases version 10, Canadian edition, coding for acute MI subtypes
GroupReference standard (chart review)Standard definition*
n = 290
ECG definition†
n = 289
No. of patientsAgreement, %No. of patientsAgreement, %
Age < 65 yr8267817098.8100.0796996.3100.0
Age 65 yr6180518883.6100.0528985.2100.0

Note: ECG = electrocardiogram, MI = myocardial infarction, STEMI = ST-elevation MI.

*I21.0-3 for STEMI v. I21.4x for non-STEMI.

†R94.30 ("ECG suggestive of STEMI") v. R94.31 ("ECG suggestive of NSTEMI"). n = 289 because the chart review for the ECG definition is missing 1 male patient under 65 years of age.