Table 1: Characteristics of randomized controlled trials included in the meta-analysisof postoperative antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent surgical-site infections following primary total joint arthroplasty
StudyCountryNo. of patients/
total jointsMean follow-up, yrMean age, yr% maleIntervention groupControl group
Heydemann et al.,20 1986United States211/2111Age range: 23-88(mean NR)NREight 1-g IV boluses of nafcillin or cefazolin every 6 h until 48 h postoperatively (n = 108)No postoperative treatment 
(n = 103)
Kanellakopoulou et al.,21 2009Greece616/61626923For all 3 study centres, antibiotic prophylaxis continued postoperatively for 4-6 d (antibiotic, dose, frequency and duration of physician's choosing; specifics NR) (n = 338)No postoperative treatment 
(n = 278)
Ritter et al.,22 1989United States196/19616637Three 0.75-g IV boluses of cefuroxime every 8 h postoperatively for 24 h (n = 98)No postoperative treatment 
(n = 98)
Wymenga et al.,23 1991Netherlands2892/3013169210.75-g IV cefuroxime 8 h and 16 h postoperatively (n = 1511 joints)No postoperative treatment 
(n = 1502 joints)

Note: IV = intravenous, NR = not reported.