Table 3: Steps and considerations in GItool development
StepConsiderations or tasks
Prepare• Commence planning in conjunction with guideline development*
• Identify need by consulting with stakeholders, or collecting or analyzing data
• Select GItool that best addresses identified problem*
• Schedule and budget for 6 mo to 2 yr
• Partner with professional groups or researchers, or acquire research funding
• Resources required include staff (coordinator, graphic designer, editor, implementation expert) and operations (printing, communication, dissemination, travel reimbursement, conduct of systematic reviews, licenses)
• Establish a multidisciplinary Steering Committee of 10–15 individuals along with an administrative and clinical lead, plus relevant target users
• Specify expectations; ask individuals to declare conflicts of interest
• Others may be involved on Steering Committee or as needed (e.g., patients or advocacy groups, professional societies, informatics experts, public relations or marketing, technical writers)
Plan• Steering Committee launch meeting
• Make decisions about format (i.e., paper or electronic, stand-alone or in guideline) and content (i.e., sources, length, graphics)*
• Use voting, rating or other consensus techniques for decision-making
Collect data• Identify existing GItools that could be adapted
• Collect data from various sources (i.e., guideline, review of published research)
Develop a draft• Organize, synthesize and format collected data
• Refer to existing GItools as exemplars and to GItool Framework14 to describe objectives, methods, evidence, evaluation and instructions
Engage target users• Consult with target users e.g., interviews, focus groups, survey)
• Incorporate target user feedback
• Steering Committee review meeting
• Incorporate Steering Committee feedback
Pilot-test with target users• Consult with target users e.g., interviews, focus groups, observation, survey)
• Gather and summarize feedback on use and impact
• Incorporate target user feedback
Final review and approval• Steering committee review meeting
• Incorporate Steering Committee feedback
• Final approval by Steering Committee, or other internal or external groups
Editorial• Proof, edit, translate to lay language, add graphics, refine layout
Endorsement• Acquire endorsement by one or more professional bodies
Implementation• Options include: dissemination by others (health regions, funders, professional societies; presentation at conferences or webinars; membership newsletters or email; websites or social media; distribute print material; mention of GItools in published guidelines; journal publications; local champions; incentives such as compensation, credits for continuing professional development or accreditation
Evaluate use and impact• Conduct interviews, focus groups, observation, survey
• Build survey into GItool or website for prospective evaluation
• Engage others to more rigorously evaluate GItool use and impact

*Steps or considerations that varied among participants and may require further research.