Table 4: Effect of weight-maintenance interventions on dichotomous weight outcomes
Outcome; intervention typeEffectStatistical heterogeneity (within-group),
p value (I2 value, %)
No. of participantsNo. of studiesQuality of evidence rating*
RR (95% CI)Absolute risk reduction, %Number needed to treat
(95% CI)
Maintenance of loss of ≥ 5% baseline body weight
Pharmacological + behavioural1.33 (1.15–1.54)12.378 (5–18)0.31 (14)9873Moderate
Maintenance of loss of ≥ 10% baseline body weight
Pharmacological + behavioural1.76 (0.75–4.12)0.01 (85)7312Low

Note: RR = risk ratio.
*Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) quality of evidence rating reflects confidence in the estimate of effect assessed through 5 domains of the evidence (risk of bias, indirectness, imprecision, inconsistency and reporting bias): moderate = downgraded for risk of bias, low = downgraded for risk of bias and imprecision.