Table 5: Reasons documented for not giving thrombolysis to patients with ischemic stroke presenting to Canadian hospitals during the study period, by hospital type
ReasonsProportion of patients, %
Comprehensive stroke centre
n = 2878
N, weighted = 11036.8
Primary stroke centre
n = 2707
N, weighted = 9439.1
n = 2399
N, weighted = 11036.6
All hospitals
n = 7984
N, weighted = 31512.5
Interval from onset of symptoms to arrival > 4.5 h*48.835.341.642.3
Neurological deficit judged too mild26.622.024.324.4
Neurological deficit judged too severe3.
Clear medical contraindication6.
Delayed decision0.
Documented physician decision6.
Not documented20.029.726.925.3

*During the study period, guidelines changed from a 3-hour window for stroke thrombolysis to a 4.5-hour window based on new randomized trials. Thus, the proportion of patients who received treatment may be appropriately conservative.