Table 3: Diagnostic performance of high-sensitivity troponin T versus conventional troponin assay at presentation
StudyHigh-sensitivity troponin T assay* Conventional troponin assay
AssaySensitivitySpecificityNPV, %PPV, %Cut-off point and assaySensitivitySpecificityNPV, %PPV, %
Reichlin et al. 20099Elecsys 2010 (Roche Diagnostics)0.950.809950Troponin T, 0.035 ng/mL (4th generation, Roche)0.720.979485
Christ et al. 201010Elecsys 2010 (Roche Diagnostics)0.950.6298.629.7Troponin T, 0.04 ng/mL (4th generation, Roche Diagnostics)0.650.9193.854.2
Aldous et al. 201111Elecsys (Roche Diagnostics)0.840.8491.271.9Troponin T, 0.03 ng/mL (Elecsys 2010, Roche Diagnostics)0.430.9777.488.7
Body et al. 201112Roche 0.850.8296.152.4Troponin T, 0.01 ng/mL (4th generation) 0.750.9594.475.8
Freund et al. 201113Elecsys 2010 (Roche Diagnostics)0.930.829947Troponin I, 0.06 ng/mL (Access analyzer, Beckman Coulter)
Troponin I, 0.14 ng/mL (Xpand HM analyzer, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics)
Melki et al. 201114Roche Diagnostics0.970.749778Troponin T, 0.04 ng/mL (4th generation, Roche Diagnostics)0.790.948293
Reiter et al. 201115Elecsys 2010 (Roche Diagnostics)0.980.499938Troponin T, 0.035 ng/mL (Roche)0.760.969386
Weber et al. 201116Elecsys (Roche Diagnostics)0.960.618091Troponin T, 0.03 ng/mL (Elecsys, Roche Diagnostics)0.820.905497
Aldous et al. 201217Elecsys (Roche Diagnostics)0.880.8296.257.5Troponin I, 0.028 ng/mL (Architect system, Abbott Diagnostics)NANANANA

Note: NA = not available, NPV = negative predictive value, PPV = positive predictive value. *Cut-off point 14 ng/L.