Table 4: Association between baseline characteristics and aspects of health care delivery
Outcome*PRR or OR (95% CI)†p value
No regular medical doctor, PRR
Obese3.0 (1.6–6.0)0.001
Age < 65 yr2.5 (1.4–4.7)0.003
Male1.8 (0.9–3.8)0.09
Other health care professionals in primary care physician’s office involved in care, PRR
Diabetes3.5 (2.2–5.7)< 0.001
Rural residence1.7 (1.1–2.8)0.02
Poorer self-perceived health1.9 (1.1–3.1)0.02
Province of residence
British Columbia1.3 (0.6–2.8)0.5
Alberta2.8 (1.2–6.3)0.02
Saskatchewan2.3 (1.0–5.7)0.06
Manitoba (reference)1.0
Contact with a nurse about chronic condition in prior 12 mo, PRR
Diabetes3.2 (2.2–4.7)< 0.001
Heart disease1.4 (1.0–2.1)0.06
Respondent thought that last emergency department visit for the chronic condition could have been avoided if regular provider had been available, OR
Household income < $30 0003.6 (1.5–8.4)0.003
No regular doctor6.8 (1.2–37)0.03
Heart disease2.7 (1.2–6.2)0.02
Stroke4.3 (1.3–15)0.002

Note: CI = confidence interval, OR = odds ratio, PRR = prevalence rate ratio. 
*Each outcome was modelled in a separate multivariable model, consisting only of the variables listed for that model. All items were based on self-reported data.
†All estimates and 95% CIs are weighted and bootstrapped as per Statistics Canada guidelines.