Table 1: Data captured from administrative databases
New Drug Funding ProgramChemotherapy drugs
Activity Level Reporting SystemRadiotherapy
Ontario Health Insurance Plan Claims History DatabaseDiagnostic tests, physician services, chemotherapy visits, emergency department visits before 2002
Ontario Drug Benefit plan dataOutpatient prescription drugs for patients aged ≥ 65 yr, oral antineoplastic drugs, long-term care indicator
CIHI-Discharge Abstract DatabaseInpatient admissions to hospital (cancer-related surgeries and other admissions), same-day surgeries before 2002
CIHI-National Ambulatory Care Reporting SystemEmergency department visits after 2002; same-day surgeries after 2002
Continuing Care Reporting SystemStays in complex continuing care facilities
Ontario Home Care Administrative SystemHome care up to Mar. 31, 2005
Home Care DatabaseHome care after Mar. 31, 2005

Note: CIHI = Canadian Institute for Health Information. 
*All databases were available at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Ont., with the exception of the New Drug Funding Program and Activity Level Reporting System, which were available through Cancer Care Ontario.