Table 5: Comparison of 5-year utilization rates for various therapies in British Columbia with optimal utilization*
Stage; % of cases
Type of therapyAllIIIIIIIV
   BCCA data (within 5 yr)5961667952
   Ideal (Foroudi et al.24)6669829564
   Ideal (Delaney et al.25)8384849147
   BCCA data (within 5 yr)34
(adjusted: 39)
   Ideal (Ng et al.26)59
(adjusted: 69)
Hormone therapy†
   BCCA data (within 5 yr)61
(adjusted: 68)
   Ideal (Fong et al.27)57
(adjusted: 67)

Note: BCCA = BC Cancer Agency, NR = not reported.
*Optimal (ideal) rates of utilization are based on evidence-based estimates of needs. Details of how these estimates were obtained are outlined in the cited references.
†For chemotherapy and hormone therapy, the “all stages” rates were adjusted to account for exclusion of in situ cases; the parenthetical values are these adjusted rates, for invasive cancers only. In particular, Fong and associates27 assumed that hormone therapy is not indicated for in situ breast cancer.